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With the aim to be ever more efficient in terms of environmental safety, ISRA has obtained the “Imprim’Vert’s label” for the year 2012.

The “Imprim’Vert” brand’s goal is to obtain from the printing companies, concrete actions leading to an environment improvement.

This is the reason why ISRA had to answer very strict attribution criteria.

– Disposal of the following wastes, in compliance with regulations (through approved channels) :
* “Skeletons” of PVC resulting from the cards’cutting, wastes or production remnants;
* Cardboards and papers (even in the offices);
* PET;
* Used batteries;
* Used chemicals, plates and films;
* Used cleaning solvents;
* Dirty rags;
* Cartridge, Inkjet and toner;
* Ink boxes;
* Liquid or pasty ink’s, glue’s, varnishes and oils’ wastes;
* Electrical and electronical wastes.

– Secured storage of new hazardous liquids and waste liquids being used or not (no risk of accidental pollution or risk to the operators)
– No using of products labelised “Toxic”
– Information and posters campaign to the staff, to our suppliers and to our customers to sensitize all stakeholders to selective sorting, recycling and waste recovery.

Thanks to these commitments, there has been a real evolution in the behaviour of each employee of our company, since citizen’s actions have been established, to every level.

In time and to the price of deep investments to :
reorganize the actual production building,
buy a new site specifically adapted to the demand of a production preserving the environment,

ISRA will aim the ISO 14001 certification by 2011/2012.

In the meantime, we guarantee all our products in compliance with a moderate ecological print, including the ISO 9001 certification that we obtained in October 2007 and for which we received a renewal for the next 3 years, according to the version of 2008.