Cards for ticketing and access control

ISCONTROL offers a wide range of products developed for ticketing or access control, from single-use tickets for ski passes, stadium access and other contactless tickets, to subscription cards with a high added value or access badges.

These products can operate in different systems (contactless, hybrid and dual, NFC), meet the specifications HF ISO 15693 and ISO 14443 as well as UHF; and integrate additional security elements (1D or 2D bar codes, holograms, marking, etc.).

ISRA has for years been one of the preferred partners of major ski resorts, more than 40 major sports clubs and many secured sites.

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  • Thermo re-writable ski passes
  • Laminated ski passes
  • Multi application passes (transport, cashless, parking, ice rink access, ...)
  • Quick and easy replenishment during the season
  • Passes tested and qualified in climatic chamber
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  • Subscriber cards, VIP accreditation
  • Routing cards with mail reconciliation and enveloping
  • Welcome pack from the subscriber delivered directly to the supporters
  • Multi-application access cards (ticketing, cashless, loyalty card, transport)
  • Unique fan cards so each season is a collectable
  • Qualified and pre-certified antennas for optimal and rapid reading
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Entreprises & administrations

  • Physical access control cards (casinos, sports halls, ports, airports, private companies, government agencies, ...)
  • Logical access control cards (PKI, FIDO)
  • Security printing and/or highly graphic printing
  • Multi-application access cards (canteen, transport, micro-payment, parking, ...)
  • 100% French production to ensure quality and safety

A unique "Made in France" experience

Technology supporting access control cards

ISRA is an expert and multi-technology supplier of smart cards, including so-called hands-free access control cards (ISO15693-3). In business for more than 40 years, ISRA has developed a complete range dedicated to ticketing and access control, meeting the requirements of resorts and clubs: quality, responsiveness, and respect for the environment through ISBIO. The superior quality of our packages and the associated proximity service have enabled us to become a major provider in France and Europe.

ISRA is the only player in the ski market to have kept all its smart card on French soil, thus guaranteeing a unique expertise.

ISRA's annual card volume of approximately 100 million units is synonymous with a direct communication with major chip manufacturers, providing fast and privileged access to new technologies. We are committed to always allowing our customers to stay one step ahead and ensure maximum competitiveness.

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ISRA's green commitment led to the launch of the ISBIO range in 2011. The ISBIO range of products can be used in ticketing or access control applications. One of the goals of ISRA is to replace 100% of plastic matter in its products in the near term and in all possible cases. This incredible challenge translates into ISBIO ALIVE.



ISOS is a native operating system that makes it possible to run dedicated applications on smart cards whatever they are, contact, contactless or dual interface.

Delivered on secured flash chips with substantial memory (from 24 to 80KB), ISOS can access a large number of biometric, photo, or electronic signature data.

ISOS is therefore particularly suitable for sensitive or complex uses that require optimal security or data storage such as private payment, health, biometric identification, identity documents.
Applications in the field of payment (EMV) or identity (ICAO) are proposed with the operating system.

  • Support and technical advice thanks to a dedicated team of specialists in the fields of printing and contactless chips.
  • Selection and implementation of the right materials: Paper, PVC, transparent PVC, PETG, Teslin, Polycarbonate.
  • Optimised and qualified antenna design
  • Lamination / cutting / installation of security elements
  • Silk screen printing for unique results
  • Secure customisation on our site in France
  • 1D bar codes
  • 2D barcode type QRCode
  • Thermal or thermochromic layer (1/3 or 100%)
  • Hologram
  • Hot stamping
  • Punch