Loyalty cards and gift cards for retail

ISGIFT includes all activities dedicated to commerce; from the most popular loyalty card to gift cards with a monetary value.

ISRA also offers personalisation services designed to enhance the effectiveness of loyalty programs.

From the design of the card to its shipment to the end user, regardless of quantity, ISRA can provide high-quality integral support, at the height of the image of the brands that trust it.



  • Loyalty cards
  • Plastic cards, paper cards, tri cards
  • Offset, silkscreen and digital printing
  • Hot stamping, gold plating, writing pad
  • On packaging
  • Electrical and graphic customisation (QR Code, magnetic strip, DOD)
  • Mail, envelopes, shipping
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  • Gift Card, Prepaid Card and with private payment
  • Plastic and paper cards
  • Attractive packaging
  • Stands for in-store sales
  • Technologies: bar code, EMV chip card

ISRA is with you all the way

Throughout your project ... until the end user

Having manufactured your loyalty cards (Offset, Silkscreen), ISRA can take care of the complete management of the shipments whether they are in small or large series.

Whatever the accompanying documents, the specific form or event of a mailshot, the degree of personalisation, the frequency of the mailshots, ISRA will offer you a tailor-made service.
This includes inventory tracking and management of incoming and outgoing flows with accurate and regular reporting. According to your instructions, we integrate your files and organise your mailshots, according to a specific process which gives you substantial freedom and flexibility.

Personalisation and mailing services (Personalisation of a letter, packaging or any paper medium (from 110mm to A3 format) meet our high standards in terms of security, confidentiality (GDPR) and quality. ISRA guarantees that the end user will receive their card in the best conditions and always in a way that will enhance your brand, your label or your service.

The gift most desired by consumers

The gift card must be attractive

In a market that is growing by 30% a year, the gift card is the essential tool for developing your turnover and increasing the number of people in your sales areas.
ISRA offers a wide range of finishes: matt or gloss laminate, selective varnish, hot stamping, gold or silver screen printing (sequins ...).

Receiving a gift card is a precious moment. To enhance this moment, ISRA offers original packaging that will perfectly suit your cards and convey your brand image.
To put a message on your gift cards, ISRA offers ISTICKER, an NFC window sticker, combining NFC and QRCode technology that will give your retail spaces an avant-garde image.

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ISRA's green commitment resulted in the launch of the ISBIO range in 2011. The ISBIO products can be used in transportation-type applications. One of the aims of ISRA is to replace 100% of plastic matter in its products in the near term and in all possible cases. This incredible challenge translates into ISBIO ALIVE.

  • IT management service for incoming and outgoing flows
  • Process small series processing (daily, weekly ...)
  • Process for large volume (personalisation capacity 10,000 cards per hour)
  • Inventory management
  • Collage of 1 or 2 cards with reconciliation check (last name, first name, barcode    etc ...)
  • Folding of document
  • Enveloping with insertion of up to 3 annexes
  • Postage or packing for shipment