Staying ALIVE with IsBio !

Sep 19, 2018

ISRA maintains its lead and reaffirms its commitment to respecting the environment by launching ISBIO Alive, the first card that significantly reduces the use of plastic; a real innovation in the respect of the environment. It won over a great number of customers who used it in particular for their loyalty cards

ISBIO Alive will be available from October and will be visible at LUXEPACK (Monaco), AGIR (Chartres), TRUSTECH (Cannes).

ISRA consequently produced more than 6 million. Today the ISBIO card is available in its "Alive" version which offers two major innovations thanks to new generations of paper.

  • ISBIO is the first card entirely made of paper without any added plastic, but with the same guarantee of durability, establishing a major breakthrough in terms of ecological impact, as the paper comes, of course, from forests managed in a principled way.

  • ISBIO Alive also makes it possible to integrate a chip and antenna into its entirely-paper structure, making it a contactless card. Two technologies are already available: secure contactless card ("NFC") and RFID contactless card (RAIN).

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