Our values

Quality for tradition, innovation for ambition

The idea which has driven ISRA for more than 40 years is freedom.
Freedom to think of its products differently, to innovate, to manufacture according to demanding quality standards, to be reactive, to choose French or European partners who share the same values, to remain independent ...
In short, the freedom to shape its own destiny.

L'équipe ISRA

ISRA, did you say SCOP ?

(Worker-owned co-operative)

The status of a cooperative owned by its employees gives ISRA a unique independence in a sector where concentration is on the move.

Indeed, if a SCOP can make acquisitions, it can not, on the other hand, be sold.
This allows ISRA to keep control of its destiny and to assert its differences in a very conformist global market.

In addition, employees are at the heart of the success of the company and they are all more motivated and committed, each using their own particular skill, to contribute to the satisfaction of our customers.