TOP DEP'ART the card used by middle school students in the Drôme Department

Sep 19, 2018

On 20 September 20, ISRA welcomed a delegation from the Departmental Council of Drôme who came to enquire about how the Top Dép'Art cards, used by middle-school students in Drôme, are produced.

Top Dep'art Drome

The Top Dep'art Card is issued free of charge to all middle-school students in Drôme who request it on the portal of the Departmental Council It provides many benefits in culture, sports or recreation. It is valid until 15 August of the current school year and can be recharged from one year to the next. Card holders have an account on the Top Dep'art portal and in this way, keep an eye on the balance of their advantages in real time. To benefit from the advantages, the students just have to go to one of the many partners’ establishments and present their card.  Payment is then deducted from the card's advantage balance.

Top Dep'art Drome

The Top Dép'Art Card is operated by Docapost Applicam, a recognised specialist in this type of platform, who have entrusted the manufacture of the cards to ISRA Cards

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